About Us

Western Fictioneers is the only professional writers organization composed entirely of authors who have written Western fiction, the classic American genre.


If you're checking out this site, then I reckon you must have some interest in Western books and stories. That's what we do here. And if you share that interest ... well, then that makes you good people.

You'll find folks here are a friendly bunch, and you're always welcome to stop by to see what's going on and who's kicking up dust with something new. Our aim at Western Fictioneers is pretty simple: We're here to recognize and celebrate that distinct brand of American literature—the Western.

We have this goal because each of us who are members have an abiding love for the genre. We carry it in our hearts and imaginations and want to spread the word via our organization and our individual writing to as many readers as we can. The Western is alive and thriving and as exciting as ever!

And no matter the range of one's reading (or writing) tastes—mysteries, romance, crime, comedy, horror, occult, science fiction, thrillers, historical adventure, or just plain old shoot-'em-ups—it can all fit within the framework of a well-crafted Western yarn.

Yeah, the death knell for Westerns has been sounded ... yet again. But there are still places out on the prairie and in the canyons and high in the mountains, along the dusty streets of sun-baked old towns and behind the creaky batwing doors of smoky saloons, where the sound has never reached. And names like Wister, Grey, L'Amour, Shireffs, Sherman, Kelton and others of their kind are still riding hard and paying no heed. And new riders cut from the same bolt are coming along in their tracks. Print publishers may be fewer, but there are still good ones out there helmed by folks faithful to the genre; and eBooks and eZines are the new dime novels and pulp magazines. So don't listen to that overworked old bell ... Or, if you hear it, consider it to be heralding a resurgence rather than an end. I, personally, think that's what is going on.

The Western is very much alive. And, to paraphrase somewhat from Monte Walsh: As long as there's one writer and one reader who, together, can conjure up the image of a lone horseman against a stark landscape under a shimmering sun ... it always will be.

I'm honored and proud to be vice president of this fine organization. As a relative latecomer to the Western genre with my own writing, I was nevertheless warmly accepted and encouraged by Western Fictioneers right from the first. I'm fully confident that anyone reading this who might be a new writer or a writer looking to venture into the Western field for the first time, would meet the same experience and be better off for it. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we're always happy to see our membership (not to mention readership) growing.

Wayne D. Dundee

Western Fictioneers Vice-President 2018

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